Summer 2021 Water Use Notice

Governor Spencer J. Cox issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency on March 17, 2021 due to drought conditions.  While our area has fared reasonably well this winter, last summer was extraordinarily dry so it is important for all water users to take conservation seriously this year.  Gorgoza’s distribution system is among the best in the State and our water sources remain adequate to meet demand.  However, there is no way to predict long-term drought cycles, so it’s imperative to make water conservation part of your daily life. 

Please wait to turn on your sprinklers for as long as possible, the Utah Department of Natural Resources suggests waiting until after five consecutive days of 70 degree or warmer weather.  Gorgoza does not anticipate implementing mandatory water restrictions at this time, but are asking all shareholders to voluntarily follow these watering schedules:

  • Even-numbered addresses water Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Odd-numbered addresses water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • No watering Sunday to allow wells to recharge.

All watering should be on the day specified, whether in the early morning or late evening but not during daylight hours.  Homeowner Associations will be contacted directly regarding their common area irrigation schedules.

As many of you know, the parent company of Mount Olympus Water in Salt Lake City has been purchasing spring water from Gorgoza for the past few years.  They have been notified of Utah’s drought situation.  If, at any time, water restrictions become mandatory, Gorgoza’s class A shareholders take precedence and spring water sales will be curtailed.  Please note, the volume of spring water sold equates to about 2% of our annual total and an even smaller percentage of the system’s production capacity, however, the sales price is many times the regular class A assessment.  Accordingly, spring water sales have largely funded the recent distribution system infrastructure improvements.

Gorgoza is currently rolling out a real-time water monitoring system, commonly referred to as an AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) system, to help shareholders monitor their water usage.  The system will be free to all shareholders, and users only need their account number and zip code to sign up.  The main advantages to the AMI system are the ability to monitor usage at any given time and to set usage notifications so leaks can be detected early, and significant water bills avoided.  Those who incur water leaks but choose to not enroll will risk significantly high water bills, so all shareholders are encouraged to sign up.  Additional information and a welcome letter will be delivered and available on our website in the next few weeks. 

 We will continue to monitor the drought situation and provide updates and they become necessary.  In the meantime, please use your water wisely, repair leaks as quickly as possible, and set your irrigation timers to the watering schedule above. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.