Culverts, Ditches, PRV’s and Shareholder Responsibilities.

We would like to remind everyone that spring runoff and storm drainage is very challenging in our mountainous community, and waterline breaks and leaks share the same drainages as spring runoff. It is your responsibility to ensure there is proper drainage on your property and that the ditches and culverts around or in front of your property are kept clear of debris and working properly. A plugged culvert can divert water down a driveway and into a garage or basement and cause significant property damage. Gorgoza Mutual Water Company is not negligent in the case of unknown water leaks or mainline breaks, and our insurance will not cover damage to homes, personal property or landscaping under these circumstances. Please contact Summit County if you have questions relating to public right of ways, culverts and ditches that border residential properties. If you have further questions, please contact Gorgoza Water with any questions or concerns you may have about culvert maintenance or property drainage. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Residential homes in Pinebrook have a pressure reducing valve (PRV) that maintains consistent water pressure to protect your home’s plumbing. There are significant pressure differences in Pinebrook due to the topography of the land and variances in elevation. Your PRV must be set properly and maintained, preferably by a reputable plumber, to ensure the water pressure in your home is at safe and satisfactory levels for you, your fixtures and appliances.