Service Line Inventory

We Need You to Get the Lead Out

Most of us have heard that lead water pipes can lead to adverse health effects. To ensure water safety, the EPA and the State of Utah are requiring water systems to develop a public lead service line inventory and create a plan for identifying and mitigating lead service lines.

  • Information from the EPA can be found here.
  • Information from the Utah Division of Drinking Water can be found here.

Gorgoza Mutual Water Company has a high degree of certainty that there are few, if any, lead water lines in our service area. But we can’t be sure without verifying inside the home or structure. To meet the requirements we are asking shareholders to help identify their water service line material. This inventory will also help Gorgoza better manage the water system in the future. We appreciate your help in this effort.

Check Your Water Line

Step 1: Locate where your service line enters your home. This is normally located at the lowest level of your home or business in a crawlspace or in a utility room. The test area described below, is the most representative portion of the service line that is used to verify material. 

Step 2: Identify the test area. Find the water shut-off valve and/or pressure reducer valve (PRV). The test area is located between the shut off valve to the floor or exterior wall. The PRV is normally located after the shut off valve. 

The easiest way to check what your pipes are made of is the “scratch test”. Find where your service line enters your home. This is normally located at the lowest level of your home or business, perhaps in a crawlspace or in a utility room.

Click on any image to enlarge:
Copper Service Line
Polyethylene Service Line
Galvanized Service Line

Step 3: The Scratch Test

In some situations your pipe material can clearly be identified as plastic or copper. In other situations, due to corrosion or painting, the pipe needs to be scratched to reveal either a copper penny color, or silver color. If it is a silver color, the only way to distinguish between galvanized or lead is a magnet test. Magnets will stick to galvanized but will not stick to lead.  

Sample Scratch Test Areas

Step 4: Snap Your Scratch Test Area

Please take a picture of your pipe test area, then complete the form below to submit information about your water service line.

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1. Identifying Service Pipe Information

First, use the link below to educate yourself on determining the composition of your water service line.

2. Your Service Pipe Information

Second, please describe your water service line.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
To the best of your ability, please provide the install date of your water service line. If you do not know the install date, please provide the year the home or structure was built.
What information did you use to determine your service line composition?
Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 512 MB.
Please provide a photo of where your water service line enters your home or building.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.