Dirt in Water Update

The dirt originated from a well at a depth of approximately 500 feet, which is a zone that does not contain harmful contaminants.  Be assured that our crews have been working diligently to flush the lines affected. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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Dirt in Water

Gorgoza Water has experienced an infiltration of dirt in a well and, unfortunately, certain residences in Pinebrook have experienced dirty water in their homes.  If you are experiencing dirty water, please drain the water in your home by running the hot and cold water in your faucets until the water runs clear.

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Pinebrook Pond Restoration

NOTE: Gorgoza Mutual Water Company does not manage the pond in Pinebrook. We are posting this to educate residents about the pond and the restoration efforts.  The pond below Pinebrook Park is currently being drained for a critical repair and restoration project by the Pinebrook Master Association. The pond had to be drained this fall to

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Water Notice

For an emergency repair to a waterline line at Ranch Condos of Pinebrook the water has been turned off Monday, April 18th and will return by approximately 5:00 pm. If there are any changes we will post an updated message. Thanks for your patience.

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Beware freezing water pipes

We’re experiencing extremely cold temperatures that can lead to frozen pipes and costly repairs. Prevent your inside water lines from freezing by providing warm air to the service line where it enters your house. Wrap pipes with insulation if possible. If not, keep a very slow drip running to prevent freezing.

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How low can you flow?

We’re all aware that we had an unusually dry winter. For now, Gorgoza’s water supply is in good shape. But if this summer stays dry, the situation could change. We are asking all water company members to voluntarily restrict their water use. Here are some ideas for you to slow the flow. Thanks in advance

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