Pinebrook Pond Restoration

NOTE: Gorgoza Mutual Water Company does not manage the pond in Pinebrook. We are posting this to educate residents about the pond and the restoration efforts. 

The pond below Pinebrook Park is currently being drained for a critical repair and restoration project by the Pinebrook Master Association. The pond had to be drained this fall to repair the irrigation system that sustains the trees and turf at the park.

The pond was originally built as a retention area to collect irrigation water for Pinebrook Park. An infestation of algae has plugged the drain field that lies under the pond. Without a functioning drain field, irrigation water cannot be used to sustain the park. The algae also creates an unpleasant odor around the pond.

Crews will remove the algae and will take over treatment of the pond to keep it clean going forward.  It is unfortunate that some fish will be lost in the process. This was taken into account before the project began. Many of the fish in the pond are goldfish and other aquarium fish which were dumped in the pond by unassuming residents. They are aggressive and propagate well. The other fish are sterilized trout that the PMA planted for members to fish. None are native fish and, according to the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources, it is illegal to transplant them into any stream or pond in the area.

The expectation is that the repair and restoration work will be finished this fall, the unsightly algae will be removed, and the pond will be restocked for residents to enjoy in the spring.